This video was send to us from Berlin. We had realy fun with that interpretation of the question: "Where is the city yours?"

This video was made by: Johannes Bögle
  • Young Energies Trailer
  • this will be our summercamp! join us!
<br />http://young-energies.com/
<br />
<br />The Young Energies camp will take place from 3--12 August 2012 at Mellowpark in the Köpenick neighborhood of Berlin. Mellowpark is a youth, sports and amusement park completely designed and built by young people. Situated directly on the Spree, the 7-hectare complex offers not only plenty of space for youth culture and sports (such as BMX, skateboarding, basketball, volleyball and football), but also a huge field for experimentation where you can spend 10 days engaging with the future of your city.
<br />
<br />Trailer by 20Zoll MEDIA, Hans F.
<br />Supported by Mellowpark, Berlin
<br />Music by Summer Dress Sway
  • TeleGhetto
<br />
<br />We like the media interventions of TeleGhetto. With a very clever trick by using a plastic fake camera they go out as reporters doing political research.
<br />
<br />Become their friends on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YoungEnergies?ref=hl#!/teleghettohaiti 
<br />
<br />TeleGhetto is an art project, brought to life in December 2009, when the three highschool students and members of the artist collective Timoun Reztistans (children resistance), Alex Louis, Romel Jean Pierre and Steevens Siméon, were taking part in Haïti’s first ‘Ghetto Biennale’, a cultural event organised by artists from the working-class neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince. There were lots of foreign journalists there and they wanted to imitate the white people with their cameras. Using an oil can as the camcorder and a hairbrush as the microphone, they pretended to be journalists and interviewed the people who were at the event. At the end of each interview, the people would ask them which media organisation they worked for. They played along with them and laughed when they replied ‘TeleGhetto’.
<br />
<br />This video is made by: Alex Louis / TeleGhetto Reporter, Romel Jean Pierre / TeleGhetto Camera 2, Steevens Siméon /TeleGhetto Camera 1
  • SAMEVILLE - Tiere werden Blumen sein
<br />
<br />This movie came from Berlin. We like the way the story is told: short and punky. Yeah.
<br />
<br />
<br />Die deutschen Innenstädte gleichen sich immer mehr an. Das beliebte Prinzip der Arkaden, sogenannte Lofthäuser für reiche gated communities und einheitliche Bahnhofsinnenarchitektur klauen die Individualität und Charme des Stadtbildes voriger Dekaden. Gleichzeitig finden sich viele der alten, tollen Gebäude nicht in Nutzung, werden nicht freigegeben zum Gebrauch durch jedermann, sondern werden früher oder später abgerissen werden, um Platz zu machen für die oben genannten Roboterhäuser, denen es an jeglicher Individualität mangelt.
<br />
<br />SAMEVILLE spürte die beiden oben genannten Kategorien in Neukölln, Berlin, auf, und wünscht sich eine Verwilderung und Umnutzung dieser Flächen.
<br />
<br />SAMEVILLE setzt sich für Kreativität ein, für eine urbane Flora-und-Fauna-Kultur. In dem 2-minütigen Kurzfilm geschieht das per Knopfdruck, was normalerweise Jahrzehnte braucht - oder aber durch eine offenere Gebäudepolitik geschaffen werden könnte. Berlin ist in diesem Fall Paradebeispiel der kreativen Umnutzung unbenutzter Objekte - in vielen anderen Städten ist ein Umdenken gefordert: nicht Abriss und Neubau, sondern Erhalt alter Bausubstanz durch temporäre, projektorientierte Nutzung.
<br />
<br />Eine gleichgeschaltete Architektur soll sich nicht durchsetzen – SAMEVILLE appelliert für mehr Brachen, Wildheit, Natur und Freiraum in urbanen Ballungsgebieten.
<br />
<br />This video is made by: Dorothee Leesing
  • That's Cool  - Timelapse Dance Berlin
<br />
<br />
<br />We like the easy and happy way you play with the city. Keep it movin´.
<br />
<br />Das Video spielt mit der Zeit und der Geschwindigkeit unserer hektischen Großstadtwelt. Als Schauplatz dienen Berlin und seine Sehenswürdigkeiten. Was passiert, wenn wir für einen Moment das Tempo verändern? Wenn wir uns einen Augenblick der Hingabe gönnen und unseren modernen Alltag aus einem anderen Blickwinkel erforschen? Das Leben kann voller Leichtigkeit sein und ein Tanz durch die Straßen zu einer eigenen Musik.
<br />
<br />English:
<br />The video plays with our hectic big city life’s time and speed. Setting is Berlin and it’s sights. What happens, if we change the tempo for a moment? If we allow our self a minute of abandon and to explore our modern everyday life from another perspective? Life can be full of facility and a dance through the streets to an own rhythm.
<br />
<br />This video is made by: Jerry Suen, Anni Sultany, Hadrien Malinjod
<br />Check out their start up: www.Sunnika-Films.com
  • word on street
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Durban, South Africa. We like the way you transport the seroius topic in a new way.
<br />
<br />This video is made by: Jono Hornby, Keagan Dunn, Mnqobi Sithole, Dylan De almeda, Kyle Anderson, Njabulo Mkhize
  • Action / Reparation
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from france
<br />
<br />We like facilty managers like this. Keep it up.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Emmanuel Bayon
  • Amnnesia
<br />
<br />We like the way you play with the samples. Serious Topic. Its a pity that you are to old for the competition. Thanks for the movie anyway.
<br />
<br />This Video was made by: Christin Huber
  • Bahnhof Corweiler
<br />
<br />This movie was send to us by pupils in Cologne. We like that you take care of public spaces. Keep it on. Its a pity that you are to young for the camp.
<br />
<br />This film was made by: Dominik Seuthe, Lorena Kolberg, Dilara Bayrak, Daniél Piedrola. With the help of: Herbert Reinthal, Martin Schorn
  • El ultimo gota / der letzte Tropfen
<br />
<br />This video is a cooperative work between young people from Berlin (Germany) and EL Alto (Bolivia). We like the way you tell the story, in using a mixture of future and presens. 
<br />
<br />This video was made by the collective: interbrigadas e.V.
  • For Hire
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Berlin. Its was part of a interchange between Berlin and Bangalore. We like the movie. Its Eyecandy.
<br />
<br />This film was made by: Xapher Xylophon
  • Grott art 360°
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Italy. Wow, the pictures and effects are quite fast, but with the closer look we like the way you do street art.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Social Lab Italy
<br />
<br />The aims of the association are:  
<br />- the creation of hi-tech social tourism, 3D, 360 photos and videos, smart geotag apps. 
<br />- the preservation, diffusion and development of our cultural and artistic heritage.    
<br />We test new technological, publishing and multimedia solutions to promote European 
<br />castles, hotels and landscapes, the social, creative and working inclusion of able and disabled 
<br />people. We carried out many initiatives, including the multimedia tour of the Exhibition of 
<br />Ceramic Artworks - accessible on the Web. The aim of the tour is to let people surf on the dedicated website through the 
<br />rooms and places that are rebuilt in 3D. Moreover, it was possible to visit in a virtual way the 
<br />exhibition of Ceramics thanks to the interactive aquarium on touch screen. A video 
<br />installation with a projector turned the Caste kiosk into a virtual lake.
  • blackboard
<br />
<br />This was sent to us from Pegau (Germany). We like that you are so young and allready start to make the city yours by skateboarding. 
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Marcus Michaelis, Yves Ertel, Laurin Becker, Gustav Kröher, Elias & Jonas Lieder und Fabian (Moses) Domke
  • La mia discreta vita in città_ My humble life in town
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Italy. We like the way you tell a deep personal story about the connection between you and the city.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Enrico Turci
  • woman and traffic cicle
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Belgium. We like the idea of beautiful living on a traffic island.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Priscilla Beccarri
  • Rostock in Bewegung
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Rostock (Germany). We like how you describe the city without saying a world. Touching pictures.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Oscar Bloch, Max Gleschinski, Nils Kruse, Bill Nagel, Maximilian Pilz, Thilo Sawallisch
<br />
<br />This Video was sent to us from Zagreb (Kroatia). We are affraid that this could be real in the future. We like the thrill which is made up here.
<br />
<br />This Video was made by: Luka Hrgović, Nikolina Knežević, Duje Medić, Anton Svetić, Miran Šabić
  • Schleswig, die Stadt am Wasser
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Schleswig (Germany). We like the fancy laser beam in the beginning.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Nils Pöhlmann
  • Kunstrasen
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Erfurt. We like that take wasteland as a chance to improve your city. Keep it rollin´
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Florian Wittwer, Tom Mussmacher, Saskia Nottrodt, Christian Kolbe, Sven
  • Brücke
<br />
<br />This movie was sent to us from Bonn (Germany). We like that you think of problems of transportation.
<br />
<br />This video was made by: Benazir Abrarova
  • Urban Gardening in St. Petersburg
<br />
<br />This film was sent to us from Austria. We like the to see that new opportunities that grow on the roof.
<br />
<br />This movie is made by: Philipp Brugner
  • Building Cities
<br />
<br />This film was sent to us from Great Britain. We like the way you play building cities.
<br />Unfortunatly the movie makers are quite young - a pity that they can´t take part in the competition.
<br />But the movie is so nice - a must see.
<br />
<br />This film is made by: a class of Wolsingham Primary School
  • Let´s go Skaten!
<br />
<br />This video was sent to us from Markranstädt (Germany). We like how you use your skatesboards to occupy the city.
<br />
<br />This movie was made by: Sven Müldner, Markus Natke, Matthias Geißler
  • Portrait Mensch - Leute machen Stadtteil
<br />
<br />This movie was sent to us from Berlin. We like your research about the link between neighbourhood and business.
<br />
<br />This movies was made by: TeenKom

Finally: the annoucement of the winners

Finally we have winners!

We are very happy to annouce following winners:

1. Place: "Actions and Reparation" Emmauel Bayon (France)
1000,- €
2. Place: "Blackboards" Jonas Lieder and others (Germany)
750,- €
3. Place: "Tiere werden Blumen sein" Dorothea Lessing (Germany)
Special Award: "Word on Street" Jono Hornby and others (South Africa)

Thanks to everyone taking part in the competition. You made a great job showing us where the city is yours.

Young Energies Short Film Competition

Young Energies / Kurzfilm-Wettbewerb

Die Stadt gehört dir! Heute schon und morgen erst recht. Zusammen mit deinen Freunden eroberst du sie täglich neu. Auch wenn das vielleicht nicht alle Leute gut finden. Beim Kurzfilmwettbewerb „Young Energies“ kannst du der Welt beweisen, was du auf dem Kasten hast.

Was ist dir an deiner Stadt wichtig? Wo ist der Ort, den du verändert hast? Wie würde die Stadt aussehen, wenn du sie neu gestalten würdest? Erzähl deine Ge- schichte. Zeig, wie du dir die Stadt zu eigen machst.

Facts  / Wichtig   

The key questions for this competition are: How are you making your dreams come true in your city right now? What do you want from your city in the future? What do you want to devote your energy and creativity to?
Your film should tell us about a part of your city that excites you. We’re looking for spaces that are being transformed—or already have been, or could be. It’s about how you live your vision. Some questions that might be helpful to think about: Where is the city my city? How do I make it my city? How can I wake the city up?

Die zentrale Frage des Wettbewerbs ist: Wie machst du heute schon in der Stadt deine Träume wahr? Was wünschst du dir von der Stadt der Zukunft? Wofür willst du deine Energie und Kreativität einbringen?
Dein Kurzfilm sollte uns von dem Ort in der Stadt erzählen, den du spannend findest. Gesucht werden Räume, die umgestaltet wurden, werden oder werden könnten. Es geht um deine gelebte Fiktion. Fragen, die du dir Hilfe nehmen kannst, sind: Wo gehört die Stadt mir? Wie eignet man sich Stadt an? Wie kann man die Stadt aufwecken?

Young Energies is a short-film competition. It would be great if your film was about three minutes long. It should not be more than five minutes long.

„Young Energies“ ist ein Kurzfilmwettbewerb. Schön wäre es, wenn dein Film ca. 3 Minuten lang ist. Er sollte nicht länger als 5 Minuten sein.

The way you make your film is up to you. You’re welcome to choose any genre (feature film, animation, cartoon, documentary, experimental), shoot with any camera and use any language (English subtitles would be great, since it’s an international competition).

Die Gestaltung deines Films liegt in deiner Hand. Es steht dir frei, welches Genre
du wählst, welche Kamera du nutzt und welche Sprache du einsetzt (englische Untertitel wären super, es ist ein internationaler Wettbewerb).

To be considered, films must ultimately be submitted in digital form so that they
can be uploaded to a YouTube-based internet platform. Send your contributions to: video@young-energies.com

Am Ende muss jeder Film, der teilnehmen soll, digital vorliegen, um auf eine Youtube-basierte Internetplattform hochgeladen zu werden. Sende deinen Film an: video@young-energies.com

The competition beginson Friday, 15 June 2012.
 New Deadline to run for the cash prices: 07.09.2012

Start des Wettbewerbs ist Freitag, dem 15. Juni 2012.

Deadline um am Wettbewerb um die Geldpreise teilzunehmen: 07.09.2012

A number of prizes await the best among you. The top three films will be rewarded with cash prizes (first place 1000 €, second place 750 €, third place 500 €). And the top 10 teams where invited to a Young Energies Camp (3–12 August 2012) at Mellowpark ( http://www.mellowpark.de/ ) in Berlin.

Den Besten unter euch winken mehrere Preise. Die drei besten Filme werden mit einem Preisgeld belohnt (1. Platz 1000,- €, 2. Platz 750,- €, 3. Platz 500,- €). Außerdem wurden die 15 Besten zum Young Energies Camp (3.-8. August 2012) in den Mellowpark nach Berlin eingeladen ( http://www.mellowpark.de/ ).

A jury (members to be announced) will choose the winners based on an evalu-
ation of form and content. The competition is open to teenagers and young adults ages 14–26, who may participate individually or in teams.
To enter the competition, you’ll need to 1) send your movie to video@young-energies.com. We’d also like to know more about you and your film. That means we need 2) a short biography of you or your group. And last but not least, you should 3) tell us in a few words what your film is about.
Only complete entries will be considered.

Eine Jury (Mitglieder werden noch benannt) wählt unter den Einsendungen die Gewinner nach formalen und inhaltlichen Kriterien aus. Am Kurzfilmwettbewerb kann jeder/jede Jugendliche/r im Alter zwischen 16 und 25 Jahren einzeln oder
im Team mit anderen teilnehmen.
Um am Wettbewerb teilzunehmen, musst du 1) deinen Film an video@young-energies.com senden. Außerdem würden wir gern mehr über dich und deinen Film erfahren. Das bedeutet, wir brauchen 2) eine Kurzbiografie von dir oder deiner Gruppe. Und schließlich 3) solltest du mit kurzen Worten beschreiben, worum es in deinem Film geht.
Nur vollständige Einsendungen können berücksichtig werden.

Legal Details
I hereby affirm that my film is free of third-party rights, particularly with regard to script, visuals and music. I have not infringed any copyrights or trademarks. All individuals appearing in my film consent to its public distribution. The content of
my film does not violate any applicable laws (e.g. child-protection laws, hate-speech laws, etc.). I also consent to the screening of my film at the Urban Energies confe-
rence on 11–12 October 2012 in Berlin, and to the use of my film for noncommer-
cial purposes as well as media and public-relations work.
The jury’s decisions are final and indisputable.

Young Energies is a short-film competition sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Hiermit bestätige ich, dass mein Film frei von Rechten Dritter ist, insbesondere in Buch, Bild und Musik. Ich habe kein Urheber- oder Markenrecht verletzt. Alle im Film gezeigten Personen sind mit der Veröffentlichung einverstanden. Die Inhalte meines Films verstoßen gegen kein geltendes Recht (z.B. Jugendschutz, Volksverhetzung, etc.) Außerdem erkläre ich mich mit der Aufführung des Films im Rahmen des Kongresses „Urban Energies“  am 11./12. 10.2012 in Berlin und der Nutzung des Films durch den Veranstalter zu nicht-gewerblichen Zwecken, sowie zur Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit einverstanden.
Die Entscheidungen der Jury sind endgültig und nicht anfechtbar.

„Young Energies“ ist ein Kurzfilmwettbewerb des Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung.

Got all that? More questions:

Klar soweit? Noch Fragen: